Conversation Maps for Diabetes

Conversation Maps

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A Conversation Map® is a series of images and metaphors—a tool for health care professionals to use to engage groups of patients in conversations around a health care topic, such as diabetes.

This innovative teaching method is providing participants with a process by which they can plan changes in their decision making and behaviors. In some cases, the action plan is robust, while in other cases it provides a starting point for change.

Conversation Maps Video

  • Conversation Maps Video
    Conversation Maps are designed to be fun, interactive, engaging, and full of learning no matter who participates. The facilitator’s role is to create a non-threatening environment in which participants can learn from the materials presented, from one another, and from the facilitator. Watch this video to learn more about the Conversation Maps process and the important role of the facilitator.
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Sample Conversation Maps

Get an up-close view of the Conversation Maps and an inside look into a Conversation Maps session.
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