Eating for Diabetes
Healthy Eating
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Healthy eating can be beneficial for everyone, but it's especially important for people with type 2 diabetes. Along with daily exercise and taking diabetes medicine as your doctor prescribes, eating the right food in the right portions at about the same time each day is something that can help you help maintain good control of your blood sugar.

Here, you’ll discover easy ways to plan and prepare delicious, diabetes-friendly meals—and to make good choices when dining out.

Diabetes Food Guide

Learn the latest recommendations for eating healthy foods that taste good and that support your efforts to manage type 2 diabetes. Remember to discuss your specific dietary needs with your health care team.

How Carbohydrates Count

Find out what it means to be “carb-smart.” You can understand more about how different types of food affect your blood sugar levels—and your diabetes.

Smart Shopping

Prepare yourself for your next trip to the supermarket. These handy tips make sense and show you how to buy the food items you need—while avoiding those you don’t. Smart shopping is the first step in healthy eating.

Transform Your Kitchen: Indispensable Ingredients

Who wouldn’t like to transform their kitchen without spending a lot of money? Now you can—with these handy, inexpensive tips to help ensure that you always have plenty of healthy, nutrient-rich ingredients on hand when you prepare meals. The transformation starts here.

Meal Planning

For someone with type 2 diabetes, proper nutrition is key to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Use these meal planning tips to help you choose a variety of healthy foods.

Healthy Menu Makeover

Making healthy food choices can have a positive effect on managing diabetes successfully. Click here for new ideas to spice up your everyday meals from a list of recipes developed exclusively for Journey for control.

Dining Out: Focus on Fast Food

You don't walk into a fast-food restaurant and plan to order a full day's worth of calories. Yet that's exactly what you may get when you're eating on the go. Learn how you can make smarter choices so you can eat out and stay healthy, too.

Holiday Eating

The holidays bring their own magic, joy—and pressures to eat overly rich and abundant holiday food. This resource provides advice on how to treat yourself right.

100 Healthy Recipes

Forget searching for recipes. We’ve collected 100 delicious, easy-to-make recipes that were specifically created to meet the needs of people with diabetes.