Diabetes Complications
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Healthy From Head to Toe

When your blood sugar stays too high for a long time, it can damage blood vessels and nerves. This damage can affect many of the organ systems in your body and can raise your risk of complications, such as:

         • Stroke
         • Eye problems
         • Dental disease

     • Heart disease
     • Kidney disease
     • Sexual dysfunction

     • Nerve damage to feet

You may not want to think about these possibilities—no one really wants to. But the good news is that you can help avoid these problems by controlling your diabetes and taking good care of yourself. This means taking steps to lower your blood sugar levels.

Also, regular checkups can help prevent problems or find them early, when they can be treated and managed, so see your doctor regularly and take your medicine as prescribed. If you are taking an active role in managing your diabetes with your health care team, you are already taking steps to lower your risk of diabetes-related problems.

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