Life With Diabetes
Patient Tools
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When you have type 2 diabetes, you can at times feel overwhelmed by the lifestyle changes you may need to make. The diabetes management tools here can provide you with guidance and support, so you understand the importance of making sensible changes to help you manage your condition.

Interactive Conversation Map® Tools

These online Conversation Map® Tools are available to increase and test your knowledge on healthy living with diabetes.

Diabetes Go-To-GuideTM

Here you’ll find information you need to live well with diabetes, plus tips on turning that information into action. Think of this guide as your go-to source for making healthier choices each day.

Daily Diabetes Management Diary

This handy resource can help you keep track of your blood sugar levels quickly and easily. It also contains important questions to ask at health care appointments, information on nutrition, and places to record health care team contact information.

[PDF: 130 KB, 8 pages]

Weekly Activity Tracker

People with diabetes say that they are more likely to remain motivated when they keep track of their physical activity. This simple, easy-to-use tool can help. It also helps you track calories on a daily basis.

[PDF: 107 KB, 5 pages]

Doctor Discussion Guide

Use these questions at your next appointment, to help you talk with your doctor about treating type 2 diabetes—and a treatment that may be right for you.

Win at Weight Loss Quiz

Finding weight-loss advice is easy. Sorting fact from fiction—now that’s much more difficult. Here’s help to test your knowledge—and find the trusted answers you need. Ready to test your weight-loss smarts?

Downloadable PDF Tools

Download these free tools to help keep you motivated and on track.

Diabetes Education Resources

Find additional expert advice and support at these helpful online resources.